Setting Up Your System For ALFA

(Disclaimer: I am not particularly familiar with Wiki format so someone is welcome to clean this all up)

Setting up your system for running the ALFA project is straight forward.

Download the following two projects in whichever SVN client you prefer.

  1. StatNLP -
  2. ALFA -

Once you have downloaded the two projects you will need to get data. Currently I have been using the Penn Treebank but hopefully we will have some poetry data soon. The Penn Treebank data that I have been using is available on Entropy in . This includes three files: 1) Training, 2) Validation, and 3) Test. These files have been modified to the format WORD_TAG. That is what will be required to use the modified reader in the ALFA project

'''Running Experiments'''

I have included various experiment XML configuration files in the project. You will need to modify those to reflect the setup on your machine. I have tried to comment the ALFA project to make it more useful.

If you have problems connecting it is most likely one of two problems:
  1. You don't have permissions. To fix this it is probably best to talk to Dr. Ringger or Robbie
  2. You connected the the SVN server previously with a username and password that has been cached. To fix this see Robbie's blog

LDAP: couldn't connect to LDAP server
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