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 +Back to [[Active Learning for Annotation]] home page
 +[[Instructions for using the bibliography template]]
 +* [http://​citeseer.ist.psu.edu/​cache/​papers/​cs/​2799/​http:​zSzzSzwww.cs.cmu.eduzSz~mccallumzSzpaperszSzemactive-icml98s.pdf/​mccallum98employing.pdf] AL for Document classification
 +* [http://​citeseer.ist.psu.edu/​matan95site.html On-site learning] Ofer, 1995. This presents what appears to be EVSI.
 +* [http://​acl.ldc.upenn.edu/​N/​N07/​N07-2028.pdf Efficient Computation of Entropy Gradient for
 +Semi-Supervised Conditional Random Fields]. See also Expectation Regularization ICML '07.
 +* S. Kim, Y. Song, K. Kim, J.-W. Cha, and G. G. Lee. 2006.
 +Mmr-based active machine learning for bio named entity
 +recognition. In HLT/NAACL
 +* [http://​arxiv.org/​PS_cache/​cmp-lg/​pdf/​9504/​9504002v2.pdf] Tagset Design and Inflected Languages - David Elworthy
 +* [http://​acl.ldc.upenn.edu/​I/​I05/​I05-3005.pdf] Morphological features help POS tagging of unknown words across language varieties - Tseng, Jurafsky, Manning
 +* [http://​acl.ldc.upenn.edu/​P/​P05/​P05-1071.pdf] Arabic Tokenization,​ Part-of-Speech Tagging and Morphological Disambiguation in One Fell Swoop - Habash, Rambow
 +# James [[Active Learning with Statistical Models]] -- David A. Cohn, Zoubin Ghahramani, Michael I. Jordan
 +# Robbie [[Tagging English Text with a Probabilistic Model]] -- Bernard Merialdo
 +#​ Robbie ​ [[Classifier Combination for Improved Lexical Disambiguation]] -- Eric Brill, Jun Wu
 +# Marc [[Rule Writing or Annotation: Cost-efficient Resource Usage for Base Noun Phrase Chunking]] -- Grace Ngai and David Yarowsky
 +# Marc [[Statistical Translation With Scarce Resources: A South African Case Study]] -- Kato Ronald and Etienne Barnard, 2006
 +# Eric [[Minimizing Manual Annotation Cost In Supervised Training From Corpora]] -- Sean P. Engelson, Ido Dagan
 +# Kevin [[Applied Statistical Decision Theory]] -- Raiffa, H. and Schlaiffer, R, 1967.
 +# Peter [[Arabic Tokenization,​ POS Tagging and Morphological_Disambiguation]] -- Nizar Habash, Owen Ranbow ACL 2005
 +# Peter [[Morphological Features Help POS Tagging of Unknown Words Across Language Varieites]] -- Huihsin Tseng, Daniel Jurafsky, Christopher Manning ACL SIGHAN 2005
 +# Peter [[APT: Arabic Part-of-speech Tagger]] -- Shereen Khoja
 +# Peter [[Tagset Design and Inflected Languages]] -- David Elworthy 1995
 +===Part-of-Speech Tagging===
 +#​ [[Conditional Random Fields: Probabilistic Models for Segmenting Labeling Sequence Data]] -- John Lafferty, Andrew McCallum, Fernando Pereira
 +===Active Learning===
 +#​ [[Selective Sampling Using the Query by Committee Algorithm]] -- Yoav Freund, H. Sebastian Seung, Eli Shamir Naftali Tishby
 +#​ "​[[Does Active Learning Help Automatic Dialog Act Tagging in Meeting Data]]"​ -- Anand Venkataraman,​ Yang Liu, Elizabeth Shriberg, Andreas Stolcke
 +#​ "​[[Combining active and semi-supervised learning for spoken language understanding]],"​ G. Tur, D. Tur, and R.E. Schapire, Speech Communication,​ vol. 45, pp. 171-186, 2005.
 +#​ "​Mixed-Initiative Development of Language Processing Systems"​ -- David Day, John Aberdeen, Lynette Hirschman, Robyn Kozierok, Patricia Robinson and Marc Vilain [http://​www.mitre.org/​tech/​alembic-workbench/​ANLP97-bigger.html]
 +#       "​Toward Optimal Active Learning through Sampling Estimation of Error Reduction"​ -- Nichols Roy, Andrew McCallum
 +#       "​Active Learning for Statistical Natural Language Parsing"​ -- Min Tang, Xiaoqiang Luo, Salim Roukos
 +#       Query by Uncertainty. Lewis & Catleett, 1994
 +#       ​Schohn & Cohn, 2000
 +#       ​Pierce & Cardie, 2003
 +#       G. Lucarelli and I. Androutsopoulos,​ "[[A Greek Named-Entity Recognizer that Uses Support Vector Machines and Active Learning]]"​. In Proceedings of the 4th Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence (SETN 2006), Heraklion, Greece, 2006. 
 +#       S. Tong and D. Koller. 2000. [[Support Vector Machine Active Learning with Applications to Text Classification]]. In Proc. of ICML, pp. 999-1006.
 +#       A. McCallum and K. Nigam.1998. Employing EM and pool-based active learning for text classification. In Proc. of ICML.
 +#       A Weakly Supervised Learning Approach for Spoken Language Understanding
 +Wei-Lin Wu, Ru-Zhan Lu, Jian-Yong Duan, Hui Liu, Feng Gao, Yu-Quan Chen.  EMNLP 2006.
 +#       Cohn, D. A., Ghahramani, Z., & Jordan, M. I. (1996). Active ​                                                                                      ​learning with statistical models. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 4, 129–145.("​Statistically Optimal"​)
 +#       ​Whitehead,​ 1991 "​Whitehead [Whi91] showed that random exploration in a deterministic world was yields a learning time that is exponential in the number of states. Thrun [Thr92] showed that directed exploration can learn in time that is polynomial in the number of states for deterministic environments."​
 +#       ​Linden & Weber, 1993
 +#       ​Schmidhuber \& Storch, 1993
 +#       Query by Uncertainty or QBU (Thrun \& Moller, 1992)
 +#       ​Theory of optimal experiments V.V. Fedorov 1972 Academic press
 +#       On a measure of the information provided by an experiment',​ D.V.Lindley 1956 Ann. Math. Statist. 27, 986-1005
 +# Robbie [[Bootstrapping a Multilingual Part-of-speech Tagger in One Person-day]] -- Silviu Cucerzan, David Yarowsky
 +# Eric [[Active Learning for Natural Language Parsing Information Extraction]] -- Cynthia A. Thompson, Mary Elaine Califf, Raymond J. Mooney
 +# James [[Selective Sampling In Natural Language Learning]] -- Ido Dagan, Sean P. Engelson
 +# James [[Committee-Based Sample Selection for Probabilistic Classifiers]] -- Shlomo Argamon-Engelson,​ Ido Dagan
 +# James [[Active Learning for Hidden Markov Models: Objective Functions and Algorithms]] -- Brigham Anderson, Andrew Moore
 +# George [[Sequence Selection for Active Learning]] -- Brigham Anderson, Sajid Siddiqi, Andrew Moore
 +# George [[Query by Committee]] -- H. S. Seung, M. Opper, H. Sompolinsky
 +# Kevin [[Part-Of-Speech Tagging With Neural Networks]] -- Hehnut Schmid
 +# Kevin [[Part-Of-Speech Tagging Using A Variable Memory Markov Model]] -- Hinrich Schuetze, Yoram Singer
 +# Kevin [[TnT -- A Statistical Part-of-Speech Tagger]] -- Thorsten Brants
 +# Peter [[Improving Generalization With Active Learning]] -- D A. Cohn, L. Atlas, R. Ladner
 +# Deryle [[Deterministic Part-of-Speech Tagging with Finite-State Transducers]] -- Emmanuel Roche, Yves Schabes
 +# Deryle [[Unsupervised Learning of Disambiguation Rules for Part of Speech Tagging]] -- Eric Brill
 +# Deryle [[Combining Linguistic Knowledge Statistical Learning in French Part-of-Spreech Tagging]] -- Evelyne Tzoukermann,​ Dragomir R. Radev, William A. Gale
 +# Deryle [[A Memory-Based Approach to Learning Shallow Natural Language Patterns]] -- Shlomo Argamon, Ido Dagan, Yuval Krymolowski
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