Templates are invoked in mediawiki using {{<name of template>}}. Parameters are named and are separated using the pipe character (|) like so: "|<parameter_name>=<parameter>". Note that usually a pipe immediately follows the template name and each parameter will start on a newline (the pipe comes first). The template we are using is called “Bibliography Entry” and the parameters specific to the bibiliography page are:

  • papername: the title of the “pdf” as specified when uploaded
  • annotations: the text you want to include (you can use wiki markup)
  • bibtexentry: the bibliography entry

For example:

{{Bibliography Entry|

|papername=Non-existent paper

*Here is some sample annotation

@inproceedings={my proceedings,
   title="Yet another title",


which would look like this:

For a working example see Classifier Combination for Improved Lexical Disambiguation.

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