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  • Pros
    • Flexible/extensible. Most aspects of the program (including tagset) are customizable via xml files.
    • In-place annotation (doesn't change source files)
    • Stores data and annotations in xml files
    • Allows you to browse a list of annotations and jump to them in the text
  • Cons
    • Seems designed for sparse annotation: not annotating each word with a static tagset
    • Slow mouse annotation
    • Interface is not intuitive
  • Screenshots

Main Interface: right click to tag mmax2.jpg.png Configuration xml file: create tags mmax3.jpg.png


  • Pros
    • Flexible. The interface allows you to define different classes and relationships among them (e.g. a Coref class might contain multiple Person classes).
    • Plugin for open source project Protege, so the platform it is written in is likely to be maintained
  • Cons
    • Seems designed for sparse annotation
    • Slow mouse annotation
  • Screenshots

Configuration: create class definitions knowtator1.jpg.png Main interface: annotate using the classes you defined knowtator2.jpg.png


  • Pros
    • Uses a tree hierarchy of possible annotations
    • Visualization
    • Plugin to the opensource project trEd (tree Editor), which is likely to be maintained.
  • Cons
    • Steep learning curve (lots of hot keys).
    • Hard to install/configure. It is available on sourceforge, but requires some undocumented tweaking (enabling unicode in config files, and including the plugin with an -I option on the command line when firing up tred)
  • Screenshots

Main interface: visualize morphotree morphotrees1.jpg.png Double clicked node lets you see/edit node properties morphotrees2.jpg.png


  • Proprietary tool developed for biomedical applications. Copies are not available for download on the internet.
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