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 +== Related ==
 +* http://​www.cnn.com/​2007/​TECH/​space/​01/​15/​virtual.astronomy.ap/​index.html?​eref=rss_space
 +== Action Items ==
 +* Reserve wikibank.org - taken
 +** expires 11/18/06?
 +* 11/10/06: wikibank.net is still available. ​
 +* 1/5/07: wikibank.net is still available. Do we want it? What about wikicorpus.org,​ wikicorpora.org,​ corpusbank.org,​ corporabank.org?​ They are all available? It seems like including the word corpus or corpora is a little more descriptive. [[User:​Wbl|Bill]] 16:26, 5 January 2007 (MST)
 +== Issues ==
 +*Active Learning
 +**Experiments can use already labeled data
 +**Simulate users with varying degrees and types of erroroneous behavior
 +**Show that we can learn in the face of all user error types and establish measures of trust
 +**Then involve real users
 +*user trust
 +*integrating mediawiki.... and using it to link to other people'​s datasets
 +*system for contributing data sets....
 +**2 pages, one for submissions (public) one for accepted data sets (protected)?​
 +*use existing stand-off markup schemes (e.g., TEI)
 +**allow for distributions over labels
 +*allow for alternate tag sets with different granularities to enable people with varying degrees of ability
 +*Cooperative story with http://​www.ldc.upenn.edu/​Catalog/​ByYear.jsp
 +*Computing EVSI quickly for an arbitrary joint probability model
 +*Compare with Google Image labeling. http://​images.google.com/​imagelabeler/​
 +== Favorite Tasks ==
 +* NLP
 +** Word dependencies
 +** POS tags
 +** Phrases
 +** Full parse structure
 +** Adding info. in one rep. would assist in deducing the others.
 +** Syriac
 +* Images
 +** image part labeling
 +* Classification tasks
 +** UC Irvine set
 +** contributed data sets
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