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 +== Sphinx4.jar == 
 +* File > Export... 
 +* Expand "​Java"​ and select "JAR file"​ 
 +* Next > 
 +* Deselect Sphinx4-1.0beta if it is selected 
 +* Expand Sphinx4-1.0beta 
 +* Select src/​research 
 +* Select src/​sphinx4 
 +* Expand src/​sphinx4 
 +* Deselect all packages beginning with edu.cmu.sphinx.tools 
 +* Expand src/​researchcom/​sun (if present in your build) 
 +* Deselect all packages starting with com.sun.taglet 
 +* Choose "​Create only selected directories"​ 
 +* Make sure "​Compress the contents of the file" is selected 
 +* Type "​Sphinx4-1.0beta/​lib/​sphinx4.jar"​ in the "JAR file" input box 
 +* Next > 
 +* Make sure "​Export class files with compile warnings"​ is selected 
 +* Click "Save the description of this JAR in the workspace"​ 
 +* Click "​Browse..."​ and choose "​Sphinx4-1.0beta"​ 
 +* Type "​sphinx4"​ as the file name 
 +* Select "Use existing manifest from workspace"​ 
 +* Click Browse... 
 +* Expand src/​sphinx4 
 +* Expand edu.cmu.sphinx 
 +* Select sphinx4.manifest 
 +* Click "​Finish"​
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