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 +'''​2 July 2013'''​
 +NOTE: DEG weekly meetings will move forward to 2pm instead of 4pm on Tuesdays.
 +* Dr. Embley: will be out of town next week with Dr. Nagy; need to coordinate with David on how to treat special cases (SIDEBAR); also needs to sidebar
 +* Joseph: working on an interface for entity resolver; has more to do there; working on some path issues
 +* Samantha: has made a lot of progress on the form builder for form collections;​ has reference-to button working; worked on usability issues (DEMO); up next: annotator
 +* Dr. Liddle: has been working with students and HyKSS paper
 +* Tae Woo: needs to move workstation to laptop (SIDEBAR on Eclipse and SVN)
 +* Thomas: working on pattern recognition,​ integration with old code; will try to run experiments with it soon, so may need to label some more data
 +* Shin: implementing algorithms for shortest path connecting object sets recognized from queries
 +* David: finished making exporter able to reference things from any part of the JSON; has generalizations properly propagating object memberships;​ (SIDEBAR)
 +'''​25 June 2013'''​
 +* David: has been working on reference attributes; currently works with form, single field; working on more cases
 +* Dr. Embley: working with everyone; Church History people are willing to help us annotate, so we need to get the annotation tool in shape to get started (high priority item)
 +* Joseph: has committed ontology snippet editor code; should be up and running; tried to create form using form builder (Samantha'​s dev build), ran into some issues (sidebar right after with SS & SL)
 +* Dr. Liddle: has been working with many group members, especially on JS code
 +* Samantha: has been working on reference-to button, related elements of the form builder
 +* Stephen: fixed some bugs in regex tool, will continue working on plugging in to annotator page (sidebar SM & SL to discuss nav bar design)
 +* Tae Woo: is trying to run OntoES on his project; has questions about why
 +* Thomas: continuing to implement new regular expression induction process for lists
 +* Shin: still implementing algorithm to decide paths between object sets to generate SQL queries
 +'''​18 June 2013'''​
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: reported on trip to Ann Arbor and LG-SOAR Workshop, and how Peter is doing; going on two more trips next two weeks
 +* Dr. Embley: has been working with Dr. Nagy on tables; need to identify machines that no longer belong to us (sidebar); has been talking with Church about work for the fall; they want to start doing some "​ground truthing"​
 +* Joseph: has been working on interface for ontology snippets; close to finishing; taking longer than originally expected due to complex interactions with other projects; will be working more on interfaces
 +* Dr. Liddle: has been working with various students; has priorities to discuss with Samantha
 +* Samantha: working on default button (sidebar)
 +* Shin: got final permission from Korea to extend stay; working to generate SQL; will replace AskOntos code (sidebar)
 +* Tae Woo: working on TWK; has found lots more details to work on with patterns; will need to coordinate with Joseph
 +* Thomas: had fun looking for fossils and petroglyphs;​ working on new way to deduce regular expressions for lists in a way that uses unlabeled text better; has couple questions about Hudson
 +* Stephen: has been working on regex tool; has popovers completed with capture groups, etc.; has a few bugs to iron out (sidebar: quick demo for Joseph)
 +* David: fixed bug on bounding boxes in annotated components; has proposed JSON input for collections and references; would like to real JSON from the form builder as soon as possible
 +'''​Things We Need to Coordinate'''​
 +* Need to complete Aaron'​s code to handle form collections and references so that Joseph can produce ground truth documents.
 +* Need to complete OSMX conversion for form collections and references.
 +* Need to make decision about guarantees with references: when we reference something, that something must be there. ​ But what happens when we delete something that is referenced? ​ '''​Decision:'''​ let's take the easy route and disallow deletion of fields that are currently referenced.
 +* Can "​versioning"​ work?  I.e., how far can we evolve OSMX before we break things? ​ '''​Answer:'''​ POM files use version numbers. ​ We just need to make sure we increment the minor version number if we make significant changes to the schema.
 +* Need to make OSMX schema changes for matched text.
 +'''​11 June 2013'''​
 +* Shin: finished up paperwork to extend stay; waiting for final permission from his university; still implementing SQL generator; has had some plumbing problems to deal with this week. :-(
 +* Joseph: working on interface for ontology snippets; using NetBeans GUI editor to create UI, but needs to plug it in to dataframe project; has most of interface up already; working on choosing predicate mappings; talked about OSMX schema for matched text with Dr. Embley; need sidebar with Dr. Liddle, Dr. Embley sometime
 +* Dr. Liddle: has worked with several students on their projects
 +* TaeWoo: still implementing TWK; almost done finding patterns; needs to meet with Joseph to make regexp to feed into FRONTIER
 +* Stephen: added hover ability over highlights in regex tool; will demo to the group after reports
 +* David: working on test cases; has weird jUnit test NPE that was affecting next test in sequence; has reordered tests; ​
 +* Dr. Embley: reported on Dagstuhl workshop; he's baa-ack!
 +'''​4 June 2013'''​
 +* David: has been working on bugs; has more to work on
 +* Joseph: decided to revert changes to OSMX2 schema; ran into some issues; needs a sidebar at some point on this issue (when Dr. Embley gets back); working on interface for defining ontology snippets
 +* Dr. Liddle: worked with several students this past week on various aspects of our projects
 +* Samantha: has been working on "​default"​ button for annotator; has fixed "​reference to" button; needs to know exactly what "​default"​ button is supposed -- sidebar today
 +* TaeWoo: implementing TWK to make a pattern for reading from JSON file; needs right JSON package for Java -- sidebar
 +* Thomas: DONE with paper!! (w00t); ready to discuss next idea with Dr. E
 +* Stephen: Has working version of [RegExp tool on server|http://​dithers.cs.byu.edu/​annotator.sm/​regex.html] -- let's demo; ready input on next tasks
 +'''​28 May 2013'''​
 +* Dr. Liddle: worked with several students this past week on various aspects of our projects
 +* Samantha: progress on web site, delete button doesn'​t work now, though (for existing form); sidebar
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: working with Peter; will be in Michigan at conference next week
 +* Peter: has been getting up to speed on the software architecture and annotator; working on code for more sentence semantics linked with ontologies; will be in MI for the rest of the summer
 +* TaeWoo: still working on proposal; has made some updates that he emailed to Dr. Embley; working on TWK program; doesn'​t know how to get JSON from server
 +* Thomas: almost done with paper
 +* Stephen: almost done with regex recognizer tool; wants to sidebar on highlighting text issue
 +* David: worked on test cases; annotated components are being saved properly; lexical n-aries work now; need to understand DEG product backlog better (sidebar)
 +* Shin: still working on implementing SQL generation; working on extending stay till December 2013
 +* Joseph: working on cleaning up heuristics code, some clean-up; currently working on match-text code
 +'''​21 May 2013'''​
 +* Joseph: working on heuristics; no blockers
 +* Dr. Liddle: working with several students
 +* Samantha: working on highlighting given an offset (sidebar with Dr. Liddle & Stephen M. -- ready for more to do)
 +* Peter: working a lot with Dr. Lonsdale on strategy for OntoSOAR; thinks strategy is pretty well figured out; starting to write code (sidebar with Dr. Liddle)
 +* TaeWoo: working on proposal
 +* Thomas: still working on the paper with the extended deadline
 +* Stephen: got going on regular expression project
 +* David: still has blocker of something that reverted but didn't work or doesn'​t appear to (sidebar with Dr. Liddle)
 +* Shin: has been implementing SQL generated from ontology and keyword phrases; using minimal cluster spanning tree algorithm; after implementing needs to discuss with Dr. Embley
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: working with Peter
 +'''​14 May 2013'''​
 +* Joseph: working on ontology snippets -- working to level that generates objects/​relationships and works with other recognizers;​ will be refining obj/rel generation process; using single data structure
 +* Dr. Liddle: has been working with Samantha & Stephen on getting up to speed with web dev; working on revision to PVLDB manuscript for JDS
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: meeting with Peter, trying to scope out thesis
 +* Peter: working on thesis scope
 +* TaeWoo: working on thesis proposal paper and writing Java program for pattern matching
 +* Thomas: editing paper (extended deadline: arrggh!)
 +* Samantha: got the "add a form" button to work!
 +* Stephen: made a number of small layout changes to home page
 +* David: needs sidebar on test cases he's writing; in meantime will work on fixing n-ary structures
 +* Shin: almost done with algorithm; working on algorithm for overriding AskOntos (maybe needs to start from scratch?); maybe needs sidebar?
 +* Dr. Embley: has been working with everyone, lots of hours with Peter and Thomas; heading out of town Thursday; has presentation for Dagstuhl
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