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 +'''​June 24, 2014:'''​
 +* Joseph: fixed issues in the software, working on annotated materials from Dr. Lonsdale'​s class
 +* Peter: has Masters Thesis turned in! SOAR workshop was interesting;​ working on evaluator, noting differences between SOAR and annotator/​workbench evaluators
 +* Thomas: has been working on HMM version of ListReader (as opposed to RegEx version); is reaching higher recall; working on final paper
 +* Tae Woo: has been working on OSMX-to-JSON;​ stuck on offsets/​bounding boxes; working with Thomas on that
 +* Christopher:​ has been working on timing issues (multiple document onready event handlers); hasn't been able to replicate the bug, but sees possible race condition situation; working also on checkbox state recording problem; found issue with Alt-Click under certain window managers
 +* Dr. Liddle: worked with Christopher & NSF grant proposal
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: not much to report
 +* Dr. Embley: turning attention to obituaries; found issues with annotator, inference mechanism; will Pat & John come? no -- we're just going to work on doing obituaries with our current toolset; so Dr. Embley is working on obituaries as his main thing; need to be able to run in batch mode
 +* Sidebars:
 +** Annotation issues
 +** Offset issues? (Peter)
 +** Summer direction Embley/​Lonsdale/​Peter
 +** Feeding obituaries to Frontier
 +** Need to finish up QMMQ paper next week
 +** Reminder: Tae Woo's proposal needs attention
 +'''​June 17, 2014:'''​
 +* Dr. Embley: paper accepted to workshop, R&R for HyKSS paper
 +* Joseph: met with Peter & Dr. Embley; sent some code to Peter
 +* Dr. Liddle: committed an update to replace soft hyphens with regular hyphens
 +* Christopher:​ has key field pretty much done (a few cosmetic issues remain)
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: Peter defended successfully
 +* Tae Woo: has a first draft of proposal; has been looking at OSMXWrapper and Frontier; believes he can get what he needs from OSMX document
 +* Thomas: submitted the paper they'​ve been working on; need to decide what goes into the last paper
 +* Dr. Woodfield: has been massaging that same set of stuff; started looking at GEDCOM-X; the Church is using GEDCOM-X as a transport model
 +* Sidebars:
 +** PDFIndexer
 +** Big picture architecture discussion
 +** Obituary project with Family History organization (tens of millions of obituaries to index)
 +** Backup/​restore form
 +** DEG product backlog, key field implementation demo
 +'''​June 10, 2014:'''​
 +* Peter to present (dry run for 10am Friday, 4068 JFSB)
 +* Christopher:​ made some progress on keyField; it is saving and loading; working on several special cases; hope to be done this week; found a couple of minor glitches
 +* Joseph: has all the rules written to generate gold standards
 +* Thomas: almost done with the paper (probably this week); coding for the next paper
 +* Dr. Liddle: worked with the various students; WWDC
 +* Dr. Embley: working on lots of related things
 +* Sidebars:
 +** Joseph & Dr. Liddle to discuss automation of converter workflow
 +** Backups: we need to set it up
 +** TO DO: modify PDF Indexer to convert soft hyphens to standard hyphens instead
 +'''​June 3, 2014:'''​
 +* Peter: spent time looking at existing evaluator code; will do a different evaluator from scratch with some guidance from existing evaluator; discovered some challenges
 +* Thomas: finished reading/​editing paper; still need to get some numbers if possible -- may not be easy: we'll see
 +* Christopher:​ working on key fields in annotator; grid mode working well but standard mode needs a little work; not saving yet; plenty more to do still
 +* Dr. Embley: Fort McHenry is worth seeing! Had a nice trip.
 +* Dr. Liddle: Worked with Peter & Christopher
 +* Sidebars:
 +** Annotator demo with current status of key fields
 +** Need to discuss annotator / converter formats -- especially dealing with hyphens / PDF Indexer (bug in transport-layer character set)
 +** Evaluator
 +** TKDD
 +'''​May 27, 2014:'''​
 +* Peter: working on data automation; needs help with repo usage
 +* Tae Woo: working on OSMX-to-JSON,​ inserting instance data into database (currently hard-coded form ID)
 +* Thomas: working on paper more; may be done within the next week; next up: the subsequent paper
 +* Joseph: did some coding over the holiday weekend; implemented change about space not being added -- now fixed in JSON-to-OSMX converter (needs redeployment);​ added mechanism to tie annotated things reliably across different formats; updated version numbers on a couple of projects
 +* Christopher:​ found possible issue with unrolling; good progress on key field; more to do, especially with grid mode and 1-many relationships
 +* Dr. Woodfield: worked on OSM extensions
 +* Dr. Embley: worked on paper with Thomas; heading to DC this Thursday
 +* Dr. Liddle: worked with various students
 +* Sidebars:
 +** Using SVN, coordinating with Joseph, others
 +** Tae Woo using Frontier tools with GreenFie
 +** Christopher'​s next steps, DEG backlog review
 +** Discussion on OSM extensions
 +'''​May 20, 2014:'''​
 +* Christopher:​ working on annotator (fixed focus handler, etc.)
 +* Tae Woo: working on OSMX-to-JSON program; figured out the output format; has some questions about how to insert data instance into database
 +* Thomas: writing, working with Dr. Embley, working on new approach for the last paper
 +* Joseph: working on JSON-to-OSMX converter
 +* Dr. Woodfield: worked on OSM extensions
 +* Dr. Embley: spent most of time working with Peter and Thomas; working on the ensemble
 +* Dr. Liddle: worked with Tae Woo, Peter, and Christopher;​ met with team from Family History about Chinese documents
 +* '''​Sidebars:'''​
 +** Joseph'​s email on JSON-to-OSMX
 +** Story 229
 +** Tae Woo database
 +** Dr. Woodfield'​s paper
 +** Ensemble (if time)
 +'''​May 13, 2014:'''​
 +* Tae Woo: started programming for proposal; has blockers
 +* Dr. Woodfield: took a vacation! started talking about how to implement concepts from workshop paper (specifically Level 4, contradiction,​ soft constraints,​ etc.); Dr. Woodfield needs OSM-X schema
 +* Joseph: worked on RDF converter for simple implementation of complex annotations to get value properties when there are complex annotations;​ needs more work to encode complex annotations within the RDF
 +* Dr. Embley: had a bit of a vacation (flying standby); worked with various students
 +* Dr. Liddle: implemented a couple of items; worked with Peter on annotator
 +* Christopher:​ fixed problem with focus handler; made progress on other items; need to discuss save OSMX
 +* Peter: has collected some data; picked 12 of 200 URIs, made text files for them to run through OntoSOAR; fixed a bug in LG Parser; dealt with some Unicode issues; spent a day trying to quantify the results; has complete draft of thesis now (w00t!)
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: working with Peter; will be gone on Tuesdays the next five weeks
 +* Thomas: looking at errors, thinking about next steps; so far that involves doing a better job of finding records; looking at hypothesis testing (like chi-squared)
 +* '''​Sidebars:'''​
 +** Tae Woo blockers
 +** Talking about the whole line
 +'''​May 6, 2014:'''​
 +* Christopher:​ has been working on OSMX failing in standard mode but working in grid mode; there'​s an issue that shows up in the converter; working on not auto-scrolling unless focus moves off visible screen (still need to check horizontal boundaries);​ still having problems with marriages of person form (getFieldFromIndex recursive call has undefined element); wants to schedule regular meeting time
 +* Thomas: looking at errors in current code as he plans for next paper; will be depending on latest annotator/​converter sometime soon
 +* Joseph: working on fixing relationship sets in JSON-to-OSMX converter to properly recognize when two rel sets are equivalent; seems to be working fine; wrote some rules for the annotated data that Dr. Lonsdale'​s class provided to transform to target ontology; needs to work on RDF converter (sometimes doesn'​t generate value property)
 +* Dr. Embley: got our paper out the door; spent a lot of time on paper with Thomas; should be able to return it to him in a day or so
 +* Dr. Liddle: got our paper out the door; did a lot of ER reviewing; held the IBMC Thu-Sat last week
 +* Peter: has pronoun resolver working well with OntoSOAR; also has list of links to data files he can process; is working on getting a good set of 3-page documents to use; interested in looking at additional data beyond this set
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: worked with Peter and with data from students
 +* '''​Sidebars:'''​
 +** Derek Dobson (Church) would like to use annotator to do Chinese family history books; would like meeting on May 15, 3pm @470 TNRB
 +** Converter/​Peter
 +** Embley/​Lonsdale/​Peter
 +** Jenkins access/​Subversion/​POM files/etc.
 +** Backups
 +** Backlog
 +'''​Apr. 29, 2014:'''​
 +* Peter: making progress, shifting to working at Orem office where Dr. Embley is
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: grading
 +* Thomas: working with Dr. Embley to finish a paper, thinking about the next one
 +* Dr. Woodfield: working on QMMQ paper -- getting close
 +* Dr. Embley: working with Thomas, Woodfield/​Liddle on QMMQ paper, etc.
 +* Joseph: working with data from Dr. Lonsdale'​s class; is there an issue with converter and n-ary relationship sets?
 +* Christopher:​ made it home safely, switch click/​alt-click semantics, added "​-"​ keyboard shortcut, removed pop-up menus; has been working on change in focus handler for #215 (close, but one problem yet to resolve)
 +* Dr. Liddle: grading, working on QMMQ paper, working with Christopher,​ etc.
 +* '''​Sidebars:'''​ Peter'​s work (ensemble), how to post to web site, QMMQ paper
 +** Ensemble sidebar:
 +** Need to collect all the tools we're creating and run them together
 +** The converter is having difficulty with n-ary relationship sets coming from Annotator2 (see also #218 -- UTF-8)
 +** How to ground-truth
 +** Joseph'​s evaluator
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