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 +'''​June 11, 2015:'''​
 +* Christopher:​ is an uncle! Discovered an issue in COMET -- need to deal with PHP stuff first
 +* Tae Woo: was looking at Stephen Merrill'​s JavaScript code; has questions about JavaScript
 +* Dr. Embley: submitted HIP paper; may need to travel to Tunisia; split to forms seems to be working; presentation is scheduled for July 17 (w/Craig Miller and others)
 +* Dr. Liddle: NSF workshop was quite interesting;​ lots of things in the stake presidency arena (!)
 +* '''​Sidebars:'''​
 +** Christopher & Dr. Liddle 9am, Friday, June 12
 +** Tae Woo JavaScript questions (jQuery mostly)
 +** Christopher & Tae Woo will work on deployment process
 +** Dr. Embley & Dr. Liddle: offsets questions
 +** Perhaps discuss some COMET things
 +'''​Schedule Change Starting June 9, move to Thursdays (June 11)'''​
 +'''​June 2, 2015:'''​
 +* Christopher to go directly to Dr. Embley'​s office
 +* Tae Woo to have ordinary individual meeting with Dr. Embley
 +'''​May 26, 2015:'''​
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: got OntoSoar code working; has troubles with PDFIndexer build; needs to get 4-ary relationships going, but has places and other things going
 +* Tae Woo: worked on OSMX-to-JSON subsume part; it will merge if it's possible to merge; almost done; looked into JavaScript code on dithers; interested in IDE for JS, but our recommendation is text editor + Chrome Web Developer tools; using annotator.cm
 +* Dr. Woodfield: implemented name equivalence we had discussed last week; aside on dates: how do you combine new wine with old bottles? ​ (Okay, I'm interpolating here. ;-)  Still needs to extract and populate model instance.
 +* Dr. Embley: submitted QMMQ paper; also working on paper with Dr. Nagy and others (submitted);​ in the middle of writing third paper with Thomas; finished JSON merge to OSMX on the back-end of COMET; it's working for the simple case (one page with no complex annotations or page-crossing annotations);​ need to do test cases, refactor
 +* Christopher:​ worked with Tae Woo on getting certain info from COMET; got ListReader to take a filename instead of JSON on the command line; seems to work the same as the JSON-on-command-line version; still fails on Christopher'​s machine, but we think it should run on dithers
 +* Dr. Liddle: progress on ER2015, QMMQ paper, worked with Christopher on ListReader interface, worked with Dr. Embley on programming issues, bees
 +* '''​Sidebars:'''​
 +** Schedule
 +*** Drs. Woodfield & Lonsdale gone for next two Tuesdays; Dr. Liddle gone next Tuesday; Dr. Embley gone June 4-8; long term; consider changing to Thursdays
 +** Names that aren't quite the same but really are the same
 +** More discussion on COMET and moving it to the general pipeline
 +** Dr. Liddle & Christopher on Friday at 9am; Kilbarchan pages
 +'''​May 19, 2015:'''​
 +* Dr. Liddle: worked with a couple of others on programming issues; ER2015 program decisions have been made!  Next up: QMMQ paper and more DKE reviews
 +* Tae Woo: made some changes in GreenFIE; created a main class for report feature; added ensemble option as well; looked at JavaScript and did a Hello World for JS; needs specific help on particular topics in JavaScript
 +* Dr. Woodfield: did lots of refactoring and working on his model (data structure for holding most info)
 +* Christopher:​ was working on a project and realized it was 5pm, so that explains missing last week; worked with Dr. Liddle on getting ListReader integrated; found command-line parser library; next up: get it into Maven, integrate with ListReader
 +* Dr. Embley: spent time coding the form merge to generate OSMX (replacing both David'​s and Peter'​s code); spent time writing on ListReader HMM paper; need to get COMET integrated with the directory structure
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: got rid of Netbeans issue; now trying to take three development versions of OntoSoar and integrate them into one; need to compare with BookProject;​ will continue on this
 +* '''​Sidebars:'''​
 +** Tae Woo and Christopher will get together and discuss JavaScript and so forth
 +** Dr. Woodfield'​s constraint capture in OSMX
 +** Christopher & Dr. Liddle will get together to work on Maven integration 9am tomorrow (May 20)
 +'''​May 12, 2015:'''​
 +* Dr. Lonsdale: got a lot of FH stuff done; can't commit code from Family History PC
 +* Dr. Liddle: helped various people with various programming tasks; spent time with Christopher on ListReader integration;​ working on ER2015
 +* Peter: has been in Michigan and finished two semesters of classes; thinking and reading about how to do next level of research; will be concentrating on that this summer; wants to start applying it to the family history domain
 +* Tae Woo: finished report part of GreenFIE; thinking about how COMET should interact with GreenFIE
 +* Dr. Packer: helped Dr. Embley run ListReader on his machine
 +* Dr. Woodfield: reviewed a probabilistic cardinality constraints paper for ER2015; has about 1600 lines (clean compile but untested) dealing with model and constraints;​ first approach is a batch report; has participation constraints and object-set cardinality constraints;​ also co-occurrence constraints;​ later: general constraints;​ tried to generate a few little models and had trouble with relationship-set connections
 +* Dr. Embley: updated PowerPoint, created handout, but doesn'​t have time scheduled yet; revised FROntIER extraction rules and ran it over the full book; has output from both FROntIER and GreenFIE; working around COMET; currently rewriting David'​s converter for the family history example, hoping to finish this week
 +* '''​Sidebars:'''​
 +** GreenFIE and COMET integration
 +** OSMX blockers for Dr. Woodfield
 +'''​May 5, 2015:'''​
 +* Main topic: Dr. Embley presentation dry run [for Craig Miller & Tom Creighton in mid-May]
 +* Prayer: Tae Woo
 +* Dr. Liddle: worked with Dr. Embley on ensemble; next up: UI/UX design for ensemble GUI
 +* Dr. Packer: debugged ListReader, and it needs testing
 +* Tae Woo: was sick; okay now; thinks he's fixed all the bugs in Osmx2Json; needs to write more test cases; works on the current test set; needs to discuss with Dr. Embley
 +* Dr. Woodfield: plowed through the paper Liddle gave him
 +* Christopher:​ fixed the problem with deleting the last field in a multiple-field group; fixed the asterisk problem when adding a record above the first one; needs to meet with Dr. Liddle (Thu. 9am)
 +* Dr. Embley: finished draft of QMMQ paper, interacted with Joseph to clarify a couple of things; worked on OsmxMerger to decouple from Peter'​s config file; that works now (lots of refactoring needed); worked on "​generated GreenFIE"​ rules
 +* '''​Sidebars:'''​
 +** Rename GreenFIE-HD to GreenFIE (after 3pm)
 +'''​Apr. 28, 2015:'''​
 +* Meeting is at 2pm
 +* Dr. Liddle: met with Christopher,​ made progress on ListReader integration;​ found NPE that needs Dr. Packer'​s help
 +* Dr. Packer: graduated officially; tried running ListReader with new NetBeans looking for problem on Dr. Embley'​s machine; the problem doesn'​t replicate on Dr. Packer'​s machine; will continue looking (more deeply)
 +* Christopher:​ met with Dr. Liddle; not much else to report there; fixed two issues: hover highlighting vs. ListReader highlighting (disabled hover highlighting when in ListReader mode), also issue when populating records from ListReader that is now fixed; might have found the issue with using the "​-"​ key on the last field in a nested group (just needs to find a way to determine the last record)
 +* Dr. Woodfield: got a sample OSMX model instance populated; started looking at some high-level design concepts; two design ideas: constraint checkers with plugin architecture (dynamic load from jar file(s)) and constraint handlers that plugin with the constraint checkers
 +* Dr. Embley: has finished getting a full line in the agreed-upon directory structure; there is some refactoring that we perhaps should do w.r.t. Peter'​s merger/​evaluator;​ has created a PowerPoint deck for presentation to be given in a couple of weeks; where does the constraint enforcer fit in, and what are the implications w.r.t. COMET? ​ Biggest thing: discovered that QMMQ paper is due Saturday. ​ Next up: begin to automate the running of tools through the pipeline (as opposed to pushing them through by hand)
 +* '''​Sidebars:'''​
 +** ListReader NPE
 +** OSMX + plugins architecture
 +** Liddle/​Embley QMMQ and tools quirks
 +** Ensemble automation
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