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 +{{{h|==}}} {{{name}}} {{{h|==}}}
 +* Date: {{{date}}}
 +* Experimenter:​ {{{experimenter}}}
 +* Purpose: {{{purpose}}}
 +* Feature Definition File (.def.xml): {{{deffile}}}
 +* Path to Data: {{{path}}}
 +* Summary statistics:
 +** Cost: {{{cost}}} @ ({{{missrate}}},​ {{{farate}}})
 +** Min Cost: {{{mincost}}} @ ({{{minmissrate}}},​ {{{minfarate}}})
 +** EER: {{{eer}}}
 +* Rev: {{{rev}}}
 +* Summary: {{{summary}}}
 +== Template Fields ==
 +This template will automatically format your feature log results. Here are its parameters:
 +* name: Name of the experiment/​definition file (base filename, no extensions)
 +* date: Date experiment was performed
 +* experimenter:​ Name of experimenter
 +* purpose: Brief statement of Purpose of experiment, including rationale for new features
 +* path: Path to archived config file and results on Entropy (/​home/​data/​experiments/​langid)
 +* Metrics (all files referenced are in results/​plot-nist_norm1/​global):​
 +** Hard Decision (values at the chosen operating point):
 +*** cost: actual cost (nist.hd.points:​ "​DCF"​)
 +*** missrate: Miss rate  (nist.hd.points:​ "​missprob"​)
 +*** farate: False alarm rate (nist.hd.points:​ "​faprob"​)
 +** Minimum Possible Cost 
 +*** mincost: (DET_nist.points:​ row 1, col 1 [first value of file])
 +*** minmissrate:​ (DET_nist.points:​ row 1, col 6)
 +*** minfarate: (DET_nist.points:​ row 1, col 7)
 +** eer: EER (eer.txt)
 +* rev: Subversion revision number
 +* summary: English summary of notable outcome
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