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 +* '''​Personnel'''​
 +** [http://​faculty.cs.byu.edu/​~mike/​ Michael Goodrich]
 +** [https://​facwiki.cs.byu.edu/​vv-lab/​index.php/​Eric_Mercer Eric Mercer]
 +** [https://​facwiki.cs.byu.edu/​HRT/​index.php/​Andrew Andrew Kent]
 +** [https://​facwiki.cs.byu.edu/​HRT/​index.php/​User:​Hess4 Ryan Hess]
 +** Kyle Blatter ​
 +** TJ Gledhill
 +* '''​Funding Sources'''​
 +** An [http://​c-uas.byu.edu/​ NSF Industry University Alliance]. ​ The CS department is part of a larger BYU team.
 +* '''​Project Descriptions and Progress'''​
 +** [[Vision]]
 +** [[Readings and Comments]]
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