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Code Repository

The tool with the visualization is part of Java PathFinder. All of the source is in the jpf-guided-test repository. You will also need to install jpf-shell. Once jpf-shell is installed, modify its jpf.properties to add the tool to the shell panels:

#Shell Panels
shell.panels.guided-vis = edu.byu.cs.guided.search.visualize.TraceVisualizationPanel

You also need to update available panels as

#Available panels is here for when I one day add support to add panels at runtime to shells.
shell.available_panels = properties,config,site,report,test,verify,logging,guided-vis

Once that is complete, you are able to run the JPF files in the src-examples directory of jpf-guided-test. The shell is activated with the configuration line

# Needed when using jpf-shell


Meeting Notes

Anything read from or written to in the concrete trace should be in the heap

Visualization Output Format

Runtime information is currently output into an XML file. See the XML Output DTD.

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