• Eric Mercer is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science at Brigham Young University.

Ph.D. Students

  • Yu Huang, Verification of Message Passing programs, Expected 2015.
  • Benjamin Hillery, Symbolic execution, Expected 2015

M.S. Students

  • Peter Anderson, Graduate Permission in JPF.
  • Radha Nakade, Model checking with Computation Graphs.
  • Jane Ostegar

Undergraduate Students

  • Andrew Wallace, Modeling User Workload in Human Machine Teaming.
  • Kristopher Miles, JPF Verification Library for Habanero Java.
  • Josh Asplund


  • Eric Noonan, M.S. 2014, Slice-n-Dice Algorithm Implementation in JPF.
  • Saint O. Wesonga, M.S. 2012, Javalite - An Operational Semantics for Modeling Java Programs.
  • Mark O'Neill, B.S. 2012, Modeling Asynchronous Message Passing for C Programs.
  • Steven Morley, B.S. 2011, Guided-test Visualization.
  • Nicholas Vrvilo, B.S. 2011, Modeling Asynchronous Message Passing for C Programs.
  • Everett A. Morse, M.S. 2011, Drop-in Concurrent API Replacement for Exploration, Test, and Debug.
  • Neha Rungta, Ph.D. 2009, Guided Testing for Automatic Error Discovery in Concurrent Software.
  • Rahul Kumar, Ph.D. 2008, Using Live Sequence Chart Specification for Formal Verification of Systems.
  • Joseph Edelman, M.S. 2008, Machine Code Verification using the BOGOR framework.
  • Joel Self, M.S. 2007, On-the-fly Dynamic Dead Variable Analysis.
  • Dritan Kudra, M.S. ,2007, Finding Termination and Time Improvement in Predicate Abstraction with Under-approximation and Abstract Matching.
  • Neha Rungta, M.S. 2006, Improving Error Discovery using Guided Model Checking.
  • Rahul Kumar, M.S. 2004, Load Balancing Parallel Explicit State Model Checking.
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