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 +* [http://​javapathfinder.org/​jpf-hj HJ-V]: Habanero Java Verification Runtime for JPF 
 +* [https://​github.com/​ericmercer/​4M 4M]: modeling language for API specification and verification. 
 +* [http://​github.com/​ericmercer/​MP-trace-language?​source=c MP Trace Language]: Trace language for message passing programs 
 +* [http://​babelfish.arc.nasa.gov/​hg/​jpf/​jpf-guided-test jpf-guided-test]:​ guided test extensions for JPF 
 +* [http://​github.com/​ericmercer/​javalite Javalite]: Javalite formalism in both Redex and Coq. 
 +* [[Modeling Operator Workload]] ([https://​github.com/​ericmercer/​workload Workload]--github):​ Workload extensions for JPF and Brahms.
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