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Verification and Validation Laboratory

Welcome to the Verification and Validation Laboratory Wiki. The Wiki is a great resource, and we invite you, the community, to help develop the site so it can better serve your needs and the needs of other researchers. Most everything you need learn about our lab is found in the vv-lab menu on the left of the page. We welcome your interest in our work.


  • 10-Dec-2014: Funded Ph.D Position Available
    I am looking to fund Ph.D. students working on the verification of task parallel programs (deadlock and data-race). Please review the details and consider contacting me.
  • 21-Aug-2013: Accepted ASE Submission on MPI Verification
    Our paper that details how to use SMT solvers to prove MCAPI executions correct has been accepted to ASE 2013 in Palo Alto CA. Congratulations to Yu.
  • 18-Jun-2013: Funded Research Positions Available
    I have funding for research positions in two different projects: Modeling Operator Workload and Verifying Habanero Java with the Java Pathfinder Model Checker. Please contact Eric Mercer directly if you are interested.
  • 17-Apr-2013: Apply to my GSoC 2013 Project
    The Java Pathfinder Team has been accepted to participate in Google Summer of Code 2013 (GSoC 2013). I would encourage interested students to apply to my project on Habanero Java with more details here. GSoC 2013 includes a stipend for working on a project and an opportunity to travel to the GSoC 2013 summit. — egm
  • 15-Apr-2013: NSF Award to Research a Static and Dynamic Verification Framework for Parallel Programming
    The lab just received a funded NSF award to research ways to test and verify Habanero Java programs. As a result, I have 4 years stipends available for interested undergraduate, M.S., and Ph.D. students to begin working on the project. Please contact me directly if you would like to become involved in the work. I have started gathering resources here.
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