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 +== Areas of Impact ==
 +A new book was recently published called ''​Lost Person Behavior: A Search and Rescue Guide on Where to Look --- for Land, Air and Water''​ by R. J. Koester. ​ (I strongly recommend reading this book, well, reading it once I return it to the lab since I am reading it now.)  He reports that over half of searches for lost persons within three hours and ten minutes. ​ This suggest to me that we need to rethink how we can best support searches since I don't think we'll be much help in the three hour searches. ​ The purpose of this thread is to discuss some ways to increase our likely impact on WiSAR. ​ I've broken these ideas down into two categories -- things that I think we'll be able to do in the near-term, and things that we'll be able to do after a lot more research. ​ Feel free to edit or suggest changes.
 +* [[Near-Term]]
 +* [[Far-Term]]
 +I organized my thoughts in a different structure, so I'll post them here first, and then comment on the Near-Term and Far-Term page. -- [[User:​Lannylin|Lannylin]]
 +* [[Three-Categories]]
 +I organized my thoughts in single short blurb. ​ See [[Carsons-Comments|Carson'​s Comments]]
 +[[A Plan for Moving Forward]] -- Bryan Morse and Mike Goodrich
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