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 +== Gesture-based Task Difficulty Modrator Tool ==
 +This tool allows the user to use a touch screen device and finger gestures to dynamically create or modify a task-difficulty map.
 +== Input/​Output ==
 +Input Parameters: ​
 +* (Optional) Width, height, and matrix representing task-difficulty map 
 +Output Parameters:
 +* Mastrix representing newly created or modified task-difficulty map
 +== Functions to be implemented ==
 +* Interface components:
 +** Button to contact central repository to load current task-difficulty map.
 +** Button to save task-difficulty map to central repository.
 +** Interface to load task-difficulty map from a file.
 +** Interface to save task-difficulty map to a file.
 +** Button to view task-difficulty map in 3D (read-only)
 +** Task difficulty level selector (3 levels)
 +* Lasso selection tool
 +** Automatically close lasso selection
 +** Algorithm to mark region selected
 +** Paint region with selected difficulty level
 +* Scribble selection tool
 +** Algorithm to find boundaries and mark region selected
 +** Paint region with selected difficulty level
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