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 +Our field trials are usually conducted on BLM lands south of Utah Lake.
 +== GPS coordinates ==
 +* N 39deg 59m 41.79s
 +* W 112deg 1m 4.37s
 +In WGS84 decimal degrees: 39.9949 -112.0178
 +== Directions ==
 +*Take the Santaquin exit off of I-15 onto Rt 6.
 +*Head west on Rt. 6 past Genola and past Goshen (about 12 miles from getting off I-15).
 +*Turn right (north) outside of Elberta. There is an old gas station on the right.
 +*Turn left on 14600 South (also known as Elberta Slant Road) after about 0.8 miles.
 +*Drive carefully on Elberta Slant Road and over the cattle guards. A few years ago, some people hit some rocks and some missing slats on the cattle guards and got flat tires.
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