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 +== Minimal Configuration ==
 +All of the following needs to be present and tested if we are going to fly
 +**Video Transmitter
 +**Firmware synched b/w autopilot, Virtual Cockpit, and Comm box
 +*Comm Box w/ power supply
 +**Power cable
 +**Mouse (if desired)
 +**Virtual Cockpit (at least as backup)
 +**Capture device (Dazzle) drivers
 +**Virtualdub or some other backup capture software
 +*R/C Transmitter (charged!) with power supply
 +*Dazzle capture device
 +*Patch antenna w/ tripod
 +*Video receiver w/ power and video cables
 +*Launch glove
 +*Sunglasses for the pilot
 +== Full Configuration ==
 +For a field-trial,​ demo, or dry-run, we will also need the following items
 +**Capture card w/ RCA adapter(s)
 +**Power cable
 +**Keyboard & mouse
 +**Monitor (in trailer) & cable
 +**WonderServer software
 +**Sufficient hard drive space for recording video
 +*Control Laptop
 +**Comm Replicator software
 +**Extra capture device
 +**Monitor (in trailer) & cable
 +*Video Review Laptop
 +**MosaicOGL (optional backup)
 +*Network Switch
 +*Network cables (3)
 +*KVM switch w/ any additional cables (especially useful for demo)
 +== Spare parts and Miscellaneous ==
 +*Prop adapter
 +*RCA adapters
 +*Batteries (charged)
 +*Plane GPS
 +*Speed Control
 +*Pitot Tube
 +*Video transmitter
 +*Video receiver w/ power
 +*Video cables
 +*Extension cord(s)
 +*Comm Box w/ updated firmware
 +*Autopilot w/ updated firmware
 +*Serial cable(s)
 +*Game controller (for Virtual Cockpit)
 +*Network cables
 +*Solder & soldering iron (in trailer)
 +*Fitted wrench for prop
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