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 +Most of our discussion focused on getting real technologies into the hands of real searchers. ​ This lead to some near-term directions. 
 +* Consider affordable UAV platforms, the kinds of things that are in the ballpark for real searchers. 
 +** We are looking at refurbishing our old fixed-wing UAV 
 +** Mike R. and Josh are looking at hobby-style quadrotors. 
 +* Tap into open source community for interface and computer vision algorithms 
 +** Make phairwell independent of virtual cockpit 
 +** Spencer will work on this.  The key is pulling out the 3D graphics for "​carrot-and-camera"​ reactive control; Joseph'​s code is intimately tied to virtual cockpit. ​ Spencer will replace this with a 2D controller. 
 +** Scott Sprague will work on creating a new 3D controller that can fit back into phairwell. 
 +* Outreach 
 +** Consider creating a discussion page for the at-large WiSAR community 
 +** Consider giving some presentations at various locations across the country 
 +** Consider giving a demo at the next MRT recertification exercise 
 +** Consider ways to continue funding with the emphasis on quadrotors
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