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 +Identified needs following the field trial.
 +== New Stuff ==
 +* Better camera
 +* Camera transmission
 +* Comms in real terrain/​relays
 +* Digital video transmission
 +* Mosaics for oblique angles, context and gimbals
 +* Ground searchers / CP comms is verbal
 +** technology mediated comms
 +** across roles, locations of ground searchers, UAV
 +** handheld device for ground searcher
 +** need comms
 +* Tie enhancements to displays
 +* Refinements on coverage, annotation++
 +* See-ability driven search - multicamera and multi-roles
 +* Fusing roles, scalability (people, planes, GS, camera)
 +* IR
 +== Tweaks ==
 +* props
 +* take off needs to be robust
 +* integrate Cameron'​s interface
 +* search patterns: lawnmower along shorter axis, contour, automatically resuming pattern, field parameters
 +* "what was that?"
 +* proximity of roles
 +== Surprises ==
 +* Good video, color important
 +* Mosaic counterproductive for loiter, banking, gimballing other than straight down
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