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 +Missing/​Overdue Hiker. ​ 39 yo adult female missing in Hobble Creek Canyon. ​ Victim'​s husband reports that she was hiking in the area with her dog.  Husband reported her overdue at 1300h. ​ Lisa Williams of Spanish Fork was camping with her husband at Cherry Campground in Hobble Creek Canyon. ​ She left camp around 0730h Friday morning for a hike up Days Canyon. ​ She planned to return by 1100h. ​ Her husband David Williams waited for her to return, and called police at 1500h.
 +The victim'​s husband reports that she is generally familiar with the area, and that they have often come horseback riding in Diamond Fork (Wanrhodes),​ Maple Canyon, and Hobble Creek. ​ However she has never been up Days Canyon. ​ Lisa is an active, friendly, and outgoing person. ​ When she left whit morning, she was wearing a yellow running shirt, red shorts, and brown, low-cut hiking shoes. ​  She also had a blue jacket of lightweight fleece, and a small hip pack with a bottle of water and a few packets of Goo (glucose gel).
 +At dawn, a few scattered alto-cumulus clouds caught the sunrise. ​  The temperature was chilly, but not cold.  Since then, the day has warmed up and the sky completely cleared. ​ It is now about 85 degrees at Cherry Campground.
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