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 +This page describes the general procedures of getting things ready for the field trial on site. Note that some of these can be done in parallel.
 +* Unlock the trailer compartment,​ slide out the power generator and get that going.
 +* Take the UAV out and plug in the battery packs, so the GPS unit on the UAV can start acquire satellite signals
 +* Set up the antenna: make sure to tape it if placing it on top of the trailer
 +* Set up the Comm Box: plug in power and the serial-to-serial cable 
 +* Set up the Remote Control: plug in power and plug it into Comm Box
 +* Set up the control laptop running Phairwell: boot it up, plug in Comm Box, video, external monitor, and start Phairwell
 +* Set up the video receiver: power it and then plug in control laptop and wonderbox
 +* Set up the network hub/switch: plug in power
 +* Set up the Wonderbox Server: plug in everything (power, mouse/​keyboard,​ monitor), and configure network.
 +* Set up the viewer laptops (running WonderClient):​ plug in power and network cable (and video?)
 +* Set up phairwell:
 +** Put plane on ground
 +** Wait till we have good GPS signals
 +** Click "Zero Pressure"​ button (also automatically set home base location)
 +** Perform sensor check
 +** Set take off point
 +** Set take off mode
 +* Perform [[Pre-flight Checklist | Pre-flight UAV check]]
 +* Launch UAV into the air
 +* Fly UAV using Phairwell (might have to turn antenna toward the UAV manually)
 +* Set landing point in Phairwell
 +* Once UAV is on the ground
 +** Stop the prop-motor on UAV immediately.
 +** Turn off UAV at the landing spot.
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