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 +'''​On this page we will keep information about future meetings and minutes from past ones'''​
 +Next meeting: 11:00 AM Wednesday, June 10
 +==Wednesday June 3rd, 2009==
 +*'''​Spencer Gardner'​s Stuff'''​
 +**Read ironies of Automation
 +**Continue with visualization ​
 +**Still need to check out the Wisar bible for different terrrian variables
 +**Still should read Joseph Copper'​s thesis
 +==Wednesday May 27th, 2009==
 +*'''​Spencer Gardner'​s Stuff'''​
 +**Try to collect more geohash logs
 +**Talk to Mike R. about the IPhone app
 +**Talk to Brian Buss about trail information (bbuss@byu.edu,​ briangbuss@gmail.com)
 +**Check out Joseph Copper'​s thesis
 +**Check out the WiSAR bible to see which terrian variables there are and a priority
 +**Work on visualizing tracklogs
 +**Talk to James and Spencer
 +*'''​Spencer Clark'​s stuff'''​
 +**I've been writing code to remove 'bad points'​ from GPX track logs.
 +**I've been learning more about how GPS functions. I am going to look into a way to estimate the accuracy of a tracklog based on the positions of the satellites when the tracklog was generated. (Historical ephemeris data is available from the gubment)
 +**I'm going to get started on some tracklog analysis tools.
 +**I'm thinking about making whatever analysis code I write output some fancy KML visualization for Google Earth.
 +**Look into median filters (an image processing technique?)
 +==Thursday May 21st, 2009==
 +*'''​Spencer Gardner'​s Stuff'''​*
 +**Inform Dr. Goodrich of possibilities for facebook app.
 +**Localize track log data
 +**Check out Lost Person Behavior book
 +**Check out some type of mountaineering/​geocaching book
 +**Start writing weekly papers of a summary of what has been learned.
 +*'''​Spencer Clark'​s Stuff'''​
 +**Find old GPS orbits online somewhere - use them to estimate error
 +**Email GPS articles to everyone to bore them
 +**Send James my geocache tracklog
 +**Write reports about stuff
 +**Look into '​momentum filtering model.'​ People tend to move in a straight line with slight deviations. (probably)
 +**Draft email to director of Uinta High Adventure Base
 +==Thursday May 14th, 2009==
 +*'''​James'​ stuff'''​
 +***Go on a flight test for the UAV
 +***Get IRB certification (I have a hard copy of the certificate)
 +***Developed several hypothesis to check tracklog data against (see Tracklog Analysis page)
 +***Final preparations for the field trial (actually getting the Credit Card and placing the order for food)
 +***Use Google Earth, with the help of Mike Roscheck, to test hypothesis against data collected and filtered by both Spencers
 +***Create a visual representation of a tracklog that allows for more detailed analysis.
 +*'''​Spencer Clark'​s Stuff'''​
 +** Stuff I did
 +*** I came to the conclusion that the SPOT Satellite messengers are probably a dead-end due to their poor reception and 10 minute update interval. If we want to track scouts and others we are going to need to use a different device. (Possibly a stock GPS?)
 +*** Talked to Greg Alldredge about his contacts at a scout camp in the Uintahs. ​ If we can figure out how we want to track them, Greg could get us in contact with the camp director.
 +*** Wrote a GPX parser in python. Should be pretty useful (at least for me, hah)
 +*** Prepared for the field trial
 +** Stuff I should do
 +*** Find out a new way (besides SPOT) to track boy scouts and others in the boonies
 +*** Contact [http://​www.o-utah.org/​ Orienteering Utah] to see if they have data they can give us. Also, maybe they would consider carrying tracking devices for us if we ask nicely.
 +*** Extend and improve GPX parser. Make it convert GPX -> CSV for James. Make it '​normalize'​ data. (Remove points that are obviously wrong, etc)
 +*** Party down
 +*'''​Spencer Gardner'​s Stuff'''​
 +** Progress
 +*** I've become real interested in everytrail and have mined about of the data available there.
 +****Accomplished by writing a php script just to iterate through the ID's and download the gpx files and parse for the category
 +*** Minor edits to the lost track website http://​tanglefoot.cs.byu.edu/​~snppla/​losttrack/​
 +*** Searched for a GIS of trails (no success...)
 +*** Prepared for the field trial (including telling my fiancee that I can't stay up till odd hours of the night on Friday).
 +** Things to do
 +*** Go to the field trial and remember my assignments
 +*** Finish mining from everytrail
 +*** Write some type of disclaimer for the website (I might need some of Jame's technical writing skills.) Here is a course outline of that I have so far. http://​tanglefoot.cs.byu.edu/​~snppla/​losttrack/​disclaimer.html
 +*** Advertise the website
 +*** Work with James to make analyze the data. 
 +** New Idea
 +*** The game World of Warcraft is a game with a virtual world with all sorts of terrian (slopes, vegetation, water, etc). Perhaps we could also study movements from here to model a person'​s movement in real life. So maybe setup a trial where we take someone inexperienced with WOW, have them "​lost",​ and tell them to find a city. Just an idea. 
 +==Monday May 11th, 2009==
 +11AM - 2220 TMCB
 +Unless my information is wrong, this is our next meeting. --[[User:​Spengy|Spengy]] 13:13, 6 May 2009 (EDT)
 +This is correct. ​                                         --[[UseR:​snppla|snppla]] 16:37, 7 May 2009 (EDT)
 +==Wednesday May 6th, 2009==
 +General stuff: status reports
 +*Spencer Clark'​s stuff
 +** Email Dr. Goodrich link to wiki for information about the two GPS units we like. (DONE)
 +** Contact scout office regarding Spot Satellite Messengers and the data they might have already (Ask Ron Zeemaan for details about which office has these)
 +** Possibly contact Sam about activetrails.com data. If he has got 'off trail' data it could be useful to us.
 +** Look into dynamic KML/KMZ stuff for Google Earth visualization of data
 +** Long term: think about balloons and wireless. Neat stuff.
 +*Spencer Gardner'​s stuff
 +** Remember to start taking notes during meetings.
 +** Continue to work on Lost Track
 +** Figure out if IRB approval is required for the website
 +** Approve any advisement for Lost Track with Dr. Goorich.
 +** Long term: Think about how to analyze data
 +*James Williams'​ stuff
 +** Ditto on taking notes
 +** IRB Certification (Done)
 +** Continue in depth research of lab progress on WiSAR
 +** Continue development of ideas how to get more GPS data from hikers
 +** Develop theories on how movement is influenced by
 +*** Terrain
 +*** Vegetation
 +** Long term: Think about generating accurate images of searcher'​s perspective without equipping searchers with wireless video cameras.
 +==Monday April 27th, 2009==
 +General Stuff: Kickoff.
 +*Stuff for everyone
 +** Read all the papers Dr. Goodrich gave us
 +** Get a demonstration of UAV control systems and whatnot from Mike Roscheck '''​(WE STILL NEED TO DO THIS - when is he doing a flight test?​)'''​
 +** Get a demo from Lanny
 +** Find good GPS units (DONE)
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