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 +[[WonderBox 2| List of components for new Wonder Box 2.0]]
 +===WiSAR Server (WonderServer)===
 +Currently the WonderServer is undergoing heavy reconstruction. As has been discussed, the main purpose of the WonderServer is to provide video and telemetry feeds to all connected clients to be used by the WonderClient. These feeds will have TiVo-like capabilities. The WonderServer will be comprised of three components:
 +* Capture thread -- Retrieves video data from the WonderBox'​s capture card as well as telemetry from a locally running comm replicator server
 +* Data caching -- Receives timestamped telemetry and video data (asynchronously) from the capture thread to be written to disk as well as cached for each connected client
 +* Network controller -- Handles all client requests for video / telemetry streams
 +* [[Server-Client Architecture]]
 +[[Building WiSAR Server]] -- Details about building the WiSAR Server (required software, etc...)
 +We will be using Google'​s light-weight,​ platform independent Protocol Buffer as described [http://​code.google.com/​apis/​protocolbuffers/​ here] for wrapping requests and responses. Google Procotol essentially provides a package for quickly generating C++ code to format primitive data types into byte arrays according to a user defined protocol. This will allow us to quickly modify protocols if changes are ever needed. Below is a link to proposed protocols for various requests / responses.
 +* Old XML protocol is [[WonderBox XML Protocol|here]]
 +* A fast bit blit widget for Qt is [[Fast 2D Widget|here]]
 +* Suggestions from Carson on rebuilding the [[WonderServer]]
 +* SVN repository and BUILD instructions are [[WonderBox SVN and Build Instructions|here]]
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