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 +== SVN Instructions ==
 +The repository is <s>on Sedna at sedna.cs.byu.edu/​Users/​fenicd/​WonderServerV2</​s>​ at svn+ssh://​bsm@​home/​bsm/​wisar
 +You need only WonderLibraryV2 if you are a client to the WonderServer
 +Wrapper.h contains a method for accessing video streams without having to use Qt.
 +== Build Instructions ==
 +For WonderLibrary you will need:
 +#​[http://​opencv.willowgarage.com/​wiki/​ OpenCV] (Version 1.1pre1a)
 +#​[http://​www.qtsoftware.com/​ Qt] (I am using 4.5.0) (Works with 4.5.2)
 +#​[http://​www.oracle.com/​technology/​products/​berkeley-db/​index.html Berkely Db] (I am using 4.7.25)
 +#​[http://​www.microsoft.com/​downloads/​details.aspx?​FamilyId=A55B6B43-E24F-4EA3-A93E-40C0EC4F68E5&​displaylang=en Windows 2003 Platform SDK] 
 +For the Server you will need the above items plus:
 +#​[http://​muonics.net/​school/​spring05/​videoInput/​ videoInput] (I am using version 0.1995)
 +Note that qt does not come prebuilt on windows - presently. You must downloaded and compile the source (http://​doc.trolltech.com/​4.5/​install-win.html) and install the visual studio plugin (http://​qt.nokia.com/​downloads/​visual-studio-add-in.) (Works with the open source version.)
 +The following variables must be defined on your system (Note: they should not include the trailing slash...not sure that it matters though)
 +*QTDIR - Should point to the directory where qt was built. ​ Should contain lib and include directories.
 +*BDBINCLUDEDIR - Should point to the include directory for the Berkeley DB library
 +*BDBLIBDIR - Should point to the directory where the Berkeley DLLs and .lib files reside
 +*OPENCVDIR - Should point to the directory where you installed opencv. Should contain lib and include lib, cv, and cxcore directories
 +*PLATFORMSDKDIR - Should point to the platform sdk for windows
 +Once these are defined, you can build the project.
 +One quick note: The Qt typically builds both the debug and release versions of its library. ​ Opencv only produces release versions (as far as I know); likewise for the platformsdk. ​ I have chosen to build both debug and release versions of the Berkeley Db.  The bottom line is that the BDBLIBDIR should point to a directory where both the debug and release versions exist. ​ To do this, I copied these libraries to a subdirectory in the sources.  ​
 +== Running ==
 +Note that the following dlls must be in your path when you run the WonderServer or Library:
 +* QtNetwork[d]4.dll
 +* QtCore[d]4.dll
 +* QtGui[d]4.dll
 +* QtXml[d]4.dll
 +* libdb47[d].dll
 +(note the [d] indicates an optional d, depending on whether you are running a release or debug version).
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